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Image:Art Faq

How long have you been drawing?

Since around early February, 1997.


Have you been drawing 'furry' all your life?

No, actually. I've been an animal obsessionist for quite a while now, so when I stumbled upon a furry page it quickly caught my interest :> When I did get a character on a MUCK, my view on the whole picture thing was that you _had_ to have a picture of your character done, so I pulled out a sheet of printer paper and started hacking at it. Innit silly? Never did give up,though, and it's finally showing some results.


What do you use to make your pictures?

Hm. A trusty Canson green spiral Sketchbook, a white clicky eraser, my sacred well used cheap blue clicky pencil, a stable surface, lighted candles, voodoo charms, a bone necklace, and a spellboo- er. Imagination.


How do you draw?

The fact that I have any talent is still being refuted, but I'll indulge justa bit here. I'm planning on having a little 'start to finish' section in my art pages as soon as I can remember to scan a sketch I plan to turn into anything :>


How long does it take?

Oooh. Anywhere from a single night to perhaps even a month. Finished pieces,that is. I have to have the right inspiration and picture embedded into my mind, I also have to be able to 'mentally draw' it. It's had many repurrcussions when I want to draw a picture for a friend but can't get the right idea to hit me.


Did you learn on your own? Do you have any inspirations?

Yah, actually. I learned to draw completely from my own instruction. I have this 'originality' complex. I tried copying once, when I first started and just felt so guilty because I knew I'd most likely develop that artist's style. I wanted to be me ;> As for inspurrations, yah! I got my talented artsy friends to thank.. and random people I'll stare at and creep out just to remember their posture/face/actions for a picture later. Hehe!


Do you take commisions/requests?

Um.. I really would like to. But referring back to the previous question I have problems drawing something if it doesn't immediately strike me or if I think it's out of my meagre talent range (and there's a lot of space there). Sometimes I'll see someone with a spectacular desc or a species that just ingrains an idea into my head. I'll usually ask them if it's ok to use their character in that setting. I could probably just do a 'just standin' there' picture, but I wouldn't be to satisfied with myself :6 Just ask.


What do you charge?

Not much at all! I don't even usually charge money for that matter. Do you have something that I don't have (probably so :>)? Interesting coins, stamps, rust things, glitteries, cat things, posters, photos...? I'd do an art trade,too! Woldn't that be dandy? If you would like to pay in cash... I'd be uncomfortable! But anyhow, I guess it'd go onb a case by case basis. A finished piece with everything would be around... 10...15$? I'd much rather have a kitty trinket, though :>


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