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An ermine harper playing before her province's boundary wall.

Image:Harper Image:Enid



A self portrait. Solitary ponderings.

Beach Lion II:


Bahamas inspired pic with lousy color.

Image:Beach Lion II Image:Roof Bat

Roof Bat:


A bat glaring off a roof. Bats are fun. :}

Dance Lynx:


Celebrating the find of a favourite CD :}

Image:Dance Lynx Image:Fir'Koranth and Enid

Fir'Koranth and Enid:


A hug between friends :}

Gryphon's Rescue:


Gryphon saving Enid from a terrible pounce :}

Image:Gryphon to the Rescue Image: Swing Jazz!



Trysma and Enid swing jazzin' :}

Fircat I:


Despite its age it seems to always be a favourite.

Image:Firecat pixel pixel
Image:Pixel Spacer

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