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Some Guinea Pig Facts:


Guinea pigs have a5-7 year lifespan


They can be anywhere between 8 to 16 inches long.


Guinea pigs are vegetarians. Lettuce chompers!


They can come in smooth coated, Peruvian, Sheltie, Satin, Crested, Rex, Abyssinian, Coronets, Texels, and Alcapa.


Guinea pigs come from Peru (and are used as a food source!)


Another name for a guinea pig is 'cavy'


Cavies should be housed in a warm dry hutch with at least 2 Sq foot of space each and they should always have a fresh water bottle and a solid food bowl.They should be totally cleaned out using a petsafe disinfectant at least once a week.


Cavies need dry food fresh each day, any Guinea pig mix will do... very importantly they need to have some fresh veg. each day, such as cabbage or carrots or celery.


Cavies need to be bathed about every 3 months. (use a small animal shampoo)

1: Where do g. pigs usually come from? ----->

[Iceland]    [N.America]    [Peru]


2: G. pigs are ___ ----->

[Carnivores]    [Herbivores]    [Omnivores]


3: How long can your g. pig live? ----->

[22 years]    [2 years]    [5-7 years]


4: Another name for g.pig is ___ ----->

[cavy]    [fuzzywuzzy]    [hampster]


5: How often do g.pigs need to be bathed? ----->

[Every year]    [Every 3 months]    [Every 6 months]