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Ooooh. You're in the secret page. You must be special :} Anyhow, this is an odd jumbled collection (?) of pictures that are mainly inside jokes, pictures in the works, sketches unfit for the sketch page for some reason or another, or proof of my mental instability. As for order, newer(not necessarily more recently drawn) pictures will be placed at the top. Howzat sound? Enjoy! (and go check out Michelle's stuff! I made her draw a cat laaa-aady. And she's better then me :D

linsang.jpg , dragriff.jpg , ween.jpg , ween2.jpg

h4>I'm back for a brief bit... I'm sorry to all who were wondering perhaps (Gryphon,Brian,Roofie,Silver_Wolf...) where I've been. Honestly, I can't tell you. I've been supposedly way too busy, but have nothing productive to show for it. I do have, though, two drawn pictures, and two photos of me and Tiffany from the Halloween dance. :D It's been six months on November 4th *hands out little noisey shakey whirly-gigs*. Half a year and I've only grown to love her more and more. :) I love you, Tiffany. :D And all my friends, too. *hee..*

claw.jpg and tiff.jpg

Well.. for all who were wondering (but probably not, I think I made it blatant enough earlier..) I AM gay. A lesbian.. and you have no idea how long it took for me to really admit that to myself, then to most of my closer friends and family. And look! I actually have a girlfriend (or she has me..?) Her name is Tiffany :D and we're almost at a month and a half. Wow, aren't we exactly what society doesn't want? An interracial lesbian couple. Sorry about the second picture, the acid in the polaroid kind of dissolved me a little. But that's my "purse" (a bottomless pit with interesting decorations) and me and her. :>


Here's a little tip. Chocolate covered expresso beans + frozen Irish Cream coffee + "Frappacino" + pixie sticks + a late night dare is NOT, I repeat, NOT a good idea. Well... what am I saying. Yah it is! It's cheaper and safer then acid, at least. >;D


Look! I still draw.. just not as often. I'm sorry you all.. if anyone does come here any more. ;> Why do I keep getting grounded (it's a perpetual thing now.. I think I'm up to 35 and seven months) I'm not a bad girl. Well.. yes I am, I'm a teenager! I'm supposed to be this way. *angst-angst* >;D Have I got some tales for you guys.. All I need to do now is be able to get enough time to muck or email! I'm surprised I could sneak on for this long to upload these things. ;D I miss you all, and hope everything's great in your lives. :>


A picture of me and a ky00t liddle tiger cub who nearly sucked my hand off. The picture turned out much better then the scan. :> If curious, my recent happenings have included having my golden retriever, Rufus, die. My mother geting a new 'Sleeve Pekingese' named Daphne, who will grow no bigger then a steroid fed rat... and the fact that I know sleep on a lump of wood, or Futon, rather. I've also come to the conclusion that I am seriously screwed up. :D I have two manikins in my room, and a black porcelain head whom I dubbed Androgyny and painted with whiteout and an old Mardi Gras mask. Yes, it does frighten me when I wake up, but that's the adventure of the morning!


A shoddy first try at colour.. and in watercolour pencil, no less! :D If you can guess the species you can have the silly thing. >;D I know, I know. I should have updated this a long while ago, or at least reestablished contacts. Anyone out there? o.O


My cat, Bela (Lugosi)! I have no idea what he's doing, but you can see his wonderfully shiny white belly! In other news, I'm sorry I've been distant too long. I'd be amazed if anyone comes here anymore. Please email?


Atabi the leopard. A facet of my splintered personality! As seen on Fluff.


What.. you mean I'm supposed to _draw_ something? Well, alright. A pretty weasel incarnate of beauty (?). Well, at least I think so. I'm rather hooked upon the invert funtion- it fits,though. Night and all.

short1.jpg short-1.jpg and short2.jpg

Well... it was time for a change. Now I look like Mary Tyler Moore. I'll probably be getting it cut a lot shorter within the month if funds are available. This is a kind of 'getting used to it' phase. Oif.

sam.jpg sam2.jpg

Samantha... gads I feel like such a stalker now. These were scanned from last year's yearbook. She sits next to me in chemsitry. It's so hard to concentrate. It's hard having to stay in closets all the time.

wayn.jpg i-wayn.jpg

The 'finished' Armwayn picture. I'm becoming a dissapointment to myself. :6 But, in the spirit of All Hallow's Eve, I've even included the inverted version. Ah, cheap filter effects. Yah, as a matter of fact, today DID suck.


A prelim. sketch of the wolf assassin from Fursperia. *boundbound* Artistic license! Bwahaha. It took a while to try to get a canine constructed somewhat... well, other then feline or musteline. :} And of course he had to be male, which is a whole other ballpark entirely.

fam1.jpg fam2.jpg ntrgrl.jpg dd.jpg

Ah... family picture day... I do believe we are: Sarcasm, Jaded, and Fear. I have that 'disinterested smirk' down! I don't usually smile with the teeth though, I'm not called 'fang' or 'half tooth' for nothing you know..


I miss being me...


E-gads. You never realize how artistically lethargic you are until it takes you over three weeks to prelim. ink a simple picture. It didn't even turn out well,either. Easily noticable is the poor ermine's much shorter left arm. Oh dear. But hey! Lookit that thumb! Took me a week ;> I wish I had more time, you know, I'm actually TRYING to be a good student and make flashcards, spend four hours consecutively/religiously in front of a table and still I get a C. Bah. Anyhow, I'm trying to decide on a background. Mayan? Ancient civilization? Egyptian? Tribal? Should I even finish it? And before I forget, just tell me if you think there are any pictures worth putting up in the sketch page, it's looking empty :>


A quick sketch of Ulrik and I doing something ludicrous. I could almost swear I'm trying to give dancing lessons :> Wildly out of purrportion (I'm not THAT short, am I?) but still cute. Look at those manly curls!


If you ever needed more proof how cruelly women were treated back then... *eerie pause* Just-take-a-look-at-this-poor-women-wearing-that-piece-of-conical-toiletpaper! *breath* Egad. I'm glad I didn't have to wear that.


Scanned from a book of medieval garb. This is just so utterly hilarious because this guy looks like the 'Mr. Bad' from my Criminal Countermeasures for Women handbook. Hehe! I'll have to scan a few pics from that soon...


Something dug outta the pages of my sketchbook I can't believe I missed! This one was started at my grandparents house (also known as the 'Sahara Drought of the Brain' for it's lack of art) and never quite finished because I couldn't work a thrid ferret in. I might make a remake of this one,too! (If only I could finish that harper picture :6) It might include different mustelids instead of just this species. This picture used to be titled 'Ferret Peace Dance'. :>


A remake of the original harper picture. But with an ermine. Hopefully I'll be able to finish THIS picture. Does it look good enough to put on the sketchpage on the main pages?


Just a general sketch page (basically, I just went on a scanning spree and this was the next page....and the birdguy is nekkid and I wanted to freak everyone out..) This was done last night(Friday the 29th of August) when I was babysitting and the kids were asleep adn the parents came home two hours later then they said they were and I was sleepy and it was cold and they had a computer _right_there_ but I wasn't gonna touch it and I left my licorice at home. I'm also scared of children now. My neighbors have enough kids for _both_ of us.


The sorta pre-lim sketch for the start of a FINALLY STARTED picture of Roofie. Sorry, hun. Roofie's pic of me is the inspiration that finally clunked me upside the head enough to poke around a bit with it... I don't know if I'm getting the steam to finish this,though. It's ticking me off. I look weasely in this picture. Eh.


The shoddily inked version of sk-jc.jpg. Gosh-darn-golly-jeez big fat mushed pen tip. *whimper* I..It's my favourite pen.. an..a-an I caint use it no mo'. Anyhow, I messed up on the second eye and went 'What the good-billy-jo-bob! I'll screw the mouth up too!' And so I did. And I went 'nyanyanya'.


The non-chalant start of a picture. At _first_ I was gonna make something of it, but my incredible laziness, inspiration black hole, and the fact that her eyes_are_not_perfect makes me think twice. I like the 'atmosphere' and junk of it all,though. Keep yer eyes peeled for a remake. I distracted people in Zoology to draw part of this! >:D


If you were ever doubtful when I say that I have sketchpages (books?) full of just eyes, it's true. And here's proof of my dimensia! And it's just a little sample, I gotta find my other sketchpad that has it really bad. >:} I dunno. I just can't start a drawing without the 'perfect eyes' laid down first. I also have this problem with the need to find 'the perfect default eye' hence the sketchpages full of 'em. Disturbed?(GASP! A hyoomin!)


Here's what I did in the Bahamas. (well, that and eat some delicious chicken noodle soup and addictive 'Krispy' crackers!)And look! It isn't even good!


The poorly coloured version of a poorly scribbled Gryphon. But just look at that snappy almost humourous copyright!


This is an ollllllllld picture I found in the back of Michelle's older sketchbook. It's rediscovery was quickly ensued with a merry fit of giggles. Ahh.