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Taya's Bio

Me? Well, I'm an easily amused (Alright! Single-celled Predators is on!) roughly 5'4" caucasian female of Irish and Welsh descent. My pale skin is easily spotted a few miles away and often reflects the sun's light blindingly. I was bawn in Charleston, South Carolina and whisked off to Atlanta,Georgia to suffer through Preschool and Kindergarten. Then I moved to Jacksonville Florida. I live there now, and seem to be terminally Jacksonville based. I'm rather uninteresting. I'm quiet, read too much, obsess about felines, be generally computer nerd-like, and draw. Well, sometimes I write,too, but that's a lost cause.

Name: Taya Renee' Ball
Species: Humanoid. Debatable.
Height: 5'4...
Weight: 125-128
Eyes: Murky grayish-greenish-bluish?
Hair: Long (for now) and a burgundy tinted black-brown.
Likes: Hugs, listening, licorice, reading, watching, pondering, drawing, cats.
Dislikes: The Phone, sport/trophy hunters (if you aren't gonna eat the animal, don't be bloodthirsty), racists, sexists, hard licorice.

Itza Taya
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