Well, another pithy update, but an update nonetheless! The
wonderfully artisty endowed wuff Ulrik drew me! :D You can
ogle at it in Enid's Bio :>


Egads. I'm sorry. It's been a while since update. My bad. Nothing
much update,either :6 Only a new picture on the GALLERY page.
An ermine. An ermine which took entirely too long to render
and didn't turn out purrticularly as I hoped it would either.
:6 And I'm sorry for those who asked, I DO need to get some
writing up :/


I admit it, I'm still in a rut. I'm trying to re-establish
myself with my spiritual animal side, it seems it's become
distant considering the lack of attention I can give to it.
Anyhow, put up the Art Faq in case anyone notices this


Yah! Alright, the pages get a big face-lift! Do you like this
version better then the last? I'd say the easiest to re-vamp
would be the PICS page. Next easiest would be the WRITINGS
page, but that was only because I don't have anything there
yet. ;} The hardest page was the RINGS page because I had to
work around tables within tables and all this other junk. I
got sick of it and left the images out. :} It looks nice and
plain now. Besides the obvious I got a new guesbook (please
sign it?) and added a sketch to the SKETCH page. Go on with
you! Everything's re-vmaped, go check it out already ;}

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