For centuries cats have amazed and intrigued humans with their strength, agility, speed, mysteriousness and independance. They were portrayed as divine, hellish, and everything in between. Cats have inspired many artists to render the feline- giving felinity many different casts.

Image:The Life,History,and Magic of The Cat by Fernard Mery
Illustration from 'The Life,History,and Magic of The Cat' by Fernard Mery

The work of some artists is very interesting in the fact that it is almost anthropomorphic in nature. Perhaps illustrating how close humans may have felt to these felines- putting them into humanoid bodies. This humanization could also point towards totemism or therianthropy. The cat has been a favorite of many (though not so many as the wolf!) therianthropy and totem practicing people for its aloofness and beauty.

Cultures have written many stories and other literature about the noble feline- almost always expressing its mystery, independance, or stealth in hunting. Some stories just look better when illustrated with a cat ;}

Illustration from 'The Life,History, and Magic of The Cat' by Fernard Mery

Rusty-spotted Cat from the 'Cat Specialist' homepage. Link on bottom of page!

For myself, and many others, wild cats are what signify ancient felinity. Graceful and swift they seem only to reveal themselves to you if they feel like it. My personal favourite is the Rusty-spotted Cat, smallest of all known felines (cute,too!) and pictured on left. Though the lion and tiger seem to have captured the fascination of many more. I'm more fond of the smaller, lesser known species.

And of course we can't forget my favourite piece...

Image from a Women's Magazine. Cute!
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rustyc.jpg used with hopeful permission from The Cat Specialist Page

ill-c2.jpg,ill-c6.jpg,ill-c7.jpg used with hopeful permission from the book 'The Life,History,and Magic of The Cat' by Fernard Mery.

ill-catprsn.jpg used with hopeful permission from Women's Day Magazine.